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European Values Education is a Comenius-Project, which runned from Oktober 2009 until the End of 2012. Fore more than 3 years we worked together in this project. ”We” includes the Institute of Education London (Clare Brooks and Elaine Toh), University of Potsdam (Anke Uhlenwinkel and Sophia Kulick), Bogazici University of Istanbul (Ayse Caner and Nevra Seggie). University of Banská Bystrica (Tibor Madlenak and Peter Barto), University of Tilburg (Loek Halman and Inge Sieben) and Fontys University of Applied Sciences Tilburg (Rob van Otterdijk, Hans Palings and Uwe Krause). Some of us are teaching (how to teach) Geography, others are involved in Social Sciences or Pedagogical Studies and Curriculum Design. We think this has been an excellent mixture to work on assignments, teaching strategies, other teaching materials like the map tools and video’s and the development of a pedagogical framework. (Click here for more information about our expertise)

During the years we have focused on how to approach the themes “work”, “religion”, “family” and “society” by using the maps of the Atlas of European Values. During our work we were surprised at how many interesting and different views there are on these themes: Can we explain migration patterns by work ethics? Are Europeans becoming less religious, more religious or only religious in a different way? Can we see different patterns in Europe when it comes to family values? Does income has an influence on views about environment and nature?

The developed materials have different approaches to the subject but they share some common aims: an opportunity for the pupils to relate the theme to themselves, communication about the subject with other pupils, the description and clarification of the values, opinions or maps, knowledge about the theories or concepts that can help us explain the maps from the Atlas of European Values and tasks that can stimulate the critical thinking of pupils.

The products on this website are available in 7 languages and have been trialled in various teaching situations, from primary school up to university or international exchanges. Although the EVE-project has officially ended the work with the Atlas of European Values will still go on, as the final goal is an on-going process: through an EVE inspired lesson, pupils will develop a critical understanding of an individual’s responsibilities in a diverse society and society’s responsibility to the individual, and will develop a growing sense of what it means to be part of Europe’s future.

If you want to know more about us and our institutes, please click on the logos of our universities or institutes. The link concerning the European Values Study leads to more information about the data, where the maps on this website are based on. For a personal please contact us.

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Atlas of European Values is a continuous project. On our Facebook site we keep you up to date about activities like workshops, participations at conferences and publications.

Project members EVE

Universität Potsdam IOE London
Banská Bystrica Bogazici University Istanbul
Fontys University of Applied Sciences Tilburg University

Cooperating Universities/ Institutes/ Institutions

European Values Study Izmir EGE Edebiyat
eurogeo Izmir EGE Geography
Digital earth http://www.uu.nl/SiteCollectionImages/Huisstijl/UU-logo2011_RGB.jpg Universiteit Utrecht
Vakdidactiek aardijkskunde University ramon llul
Edugis nl http://www.natonco.nl/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/LogoWindesheim-goede.gif Windesheim
Kleio Geographical Association

Cooperating Schools

CASP Barcelona Maurick Vught
http://www.igs-ohz.de/images/logo3.jpg IGS Osterholz Scharmbeck http://www.igs-ohz.de/images/logo3.jpg Theresia Lyceum
http://www.igs-ohz.de/images/logo3.jpg Wilhelm von Siemens Gymnasium    

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